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Alabaster ClassicAlabaster Classic
Alabaster Classic Sale price$45.00
Be Hoppy Classic
Be Hoppy Classic Sale price$45.00
Be Hoppy Wax MeltsBe Hoppy Wax Melts
Be Hoppy Wax Melts Sale price$8.00
Beach Escape Classic
Beach Escape Classic Sale price$45.00
Birch & Lime Room SprayBirch & Lime Room Spray
Birch & Lime Room Spray Sale price$15.00
Bleu FoncéBleu Foncé
Bleu Foncé Sale price$45.00
Boutique Classic
Boutique Classic Sale price$45.00
Brandy & Cider Farmhouse
Brandy & Cider Farmhouse Sale price$35.00
Burlap Cashmere Antique Mercury CandleBurlap Cashmere Antique Mercury Candle
Burlap Cashmere Classic
Burlap Cashmere Classic Sale price$45.00
Sold outBurlap Cashmere ClocheBurlap Cashmere Cloche
Burlap Cashmere Cloche Sale price$45.00
Burlap Cashmere Reed Diffuser
Burlap Cashmere Room SprayBurlap Cashmere Room Spray
Burlap Cashmere Wax Melts
Champagne De Rouge ClassicChampagne De Rouge Classic
Cinnamon Spice Diffuser Sale price$40.00
Coconut Almond ClassicCoconut Almond Classic
Coconut Almond Classic Sale price$45.00
Coconut Almond Reed DiffuserCoconut Almond Reed Diffuser
Coconut Almond Room Spray
Coconut Almond Room Spray Sale price$15.00
Crème Brûlée ClassicCrème Brûlée Classic
Crème Brûlée Classic Sale price$45.00
Crème Brûlée Wax Melts
Cucumis Melo Classic
Cucumis Melo Classic Sale price$45.00
Cupid Classic
Cupid Classic Sale price$45.00
Goldie 3 Wick Mercury CandleGoldie 3 Wick Mercury Candle
Goldie Antique Gold Cross Mercury Candle
Goldie Classic CandleGoldie Classic Candle
Goldie Classic Candle Sale price$45.00
Goldie Reed Diffusers
Goldie Reed Diffusers Sale price$40.00
Goldie Room Spray
Goldie Room Spray Sale price$15.00
Goldie Wax Melts
Goldie Wax Melts Sale price$8.00
Holiday Trio
Holiday Trio Sale price$40.00
House Special Classic
House Special Classic Sale price$45.00
House Special Wax Melts
House Special Wax Melts Sale price$8.00
I Love You Beary Much  Cloche CandleI Love You Beary Much  Cloche Candle
I Love You Beary Much Room Spray
Ivory ClassicIvory Classic
Ivory Classic Sale price$45.00
Kentucky Derby 1875 Classic
La Petit Caramel Classic
La Petit Caramel Classic Sale price$45.00
Lemonello Classic
Lemonello Classic Sale price$45.00
Lemonello FarmhouseLemonello Farmhouse
Lemonello Farmhouse Sale price$35.00
Lemonello Reed DiffuserLemonello Reed Diffuser
Lemonello Reed Diffuser Sale price$45.00
Lemonello Room Spray
Lemonello Room Spray Sale price$15.00
Lemonello Wax Melts
Lemonello Wax Melts Sale price$8.00
Let it Snow Cloche
Let it Snow Cloche Sale price$45.00
Lime De Coconut ClassicLime De Coconut Classic
Lime De Coconut Classic Sale price$45.00
Lime de Coconut ClocheLime de Coconut Cloche
Lime de Coconut Cloche Sale price$45.00
Lime de Coconut Wax Melt
Lime de Coconut Wax Melt Sale price$8.00
Mademoiselle ClassicMademoiselle Classic
Mademoiselle Classic Sale price$45.00